Thursday, 25 July 2013

Kanpur gets pollution free light with solar power
5 Jun 2013

KANPUR: Residents of Krishnapuram GT Road are a happy lot as their area remains illuminated even during power cuts.

People have no fear while going for a stroll in their locality or park even during late evening or night hours, courtesy, the Kanpur Nagar Nigam, which has installed solar lights on an experimental basis in the locality. In all, 25 solar lights were installed here in the year 2009, three out of which were stolen. However, remaining solar lights are in working condition and residents take care of these lights now.

According to Rajeev Sharma, deputy commissioner of Kanpur division, who was then municipal commissioner, KNN, nearly 25 solar lights were installed in the area. Five solar lights were installed in the lane just behind the Manoj Guest House while nine were installed in the locality park and remaining 11 were installed in the side lanes of the area.

The residents had asked for the installation of solar lights instead of street lights powered by electricity as area used to witness frequent power-cuts and rostering. Sharma had asked the road light department to install solar lights as an experiment and had passed an order to monitor them. Now these light are proving to be a boon for the local residents.

A K Tandon, Reserve Bank employee and a resident of the area, said, use of generator has minimised in his lane as roads remained illuminated by solar lights. Minimum use of gen-sets has led to better environment in the locality. Not only the residents of Krishnapuram GT Road but people from the nearby localities also come here for walk in evening when there is a power cut in their area.

Abha Sharma, another resident of the area, said besides solar lights, she also uses solar cooker and solar water heater and Dr Anand Nigam, her neighbour, also uses solar water heater and cooker to save fuel as well as save environment from carbon emission. They have also inspired their neighbour who are now planning to follow them.

Nagar Nigam has also installed solar lights in few other parks like Rajeev Vatika where people enjoy in late evening hours irrespective of power cuts.