Thursday, 25 July 2013

Industry News: Google and Warren Buffet invest billions into wind energy
3 Jun 2013

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired)--06/03/13 -Building Turbines, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of patented, innovative commercial rooftop wind turbine systems has received further validation of the earning potential, visibility, and ecological importance of the emerging wind power market on the heels of Google Corp.'s research division "Google X" and Warren Buffet's announcements of recent, sizable investments into the wind power companies.

Google X recently announced that they have acquired California based Makani Power for $110 Million. Makani Power produces energy through cable tethered "flying wings" and represents Google's interest in developing alternative wind power with a sizable dollar investment. Since 2010 Google's research division has made 11 renewable energy investments of comparable sizes including $200 Million into "Spinning Spur" wind farm in the Texas panhandle and investments into Atlantic Wind Connection for offshore grids designed to capitalize off wind power.

Legendary mogul Warren Buffet has recently been dubbed a leader in wind power investments after spending $1.9 Billion on wind farm projects in Iowa and has been well known for his investments into the alternative energy sector in the past two years. Additionally, his megastar energy company MidAmerican began building wind turbines in 2004 bringing his current total investments in wind power to date to $5.4 Billion.

"BLDW sees promise in market trends which lean to the most successful investors the world has ever seen taking interest in their market. With Texas being the number one state in America for wind power harvesting and production the idea of major players snooping about for companies to acquire has gone from small business dream to big market trend. Especially exciting is that our turbines are DG (distributed generation), meaning the power is produced where it is consumed, not in some field or over the ocean", according to John Graham, CEO