Monday, 28 January 2013

Project tipped to grow wind power investment
17 Jan 2013

The Energy Supply Association of Australia expects an upgrade of ElectraNet's power infrastructure will lead to more investment in wind power in South Australia. ElectraNet will upgrade the Heywood substation and reconfigure the south-east network at a cost of $108 million. The association's Matthew Warren says ElectraNet's upgrade will pave the way for more South Australian wind power to be transferred interstate, opening the door for more investment in the technology.

"There are times when there's a lot of wind power being generated and times where's there's not very much," he said. "At the moment, on those really good wind days, the network is constrained, all that clean power can't find a market and you can't store electricity, so this really unlocks extra value for South Australia.

"That wind farm investment is basically stalled now because of the constraint between the South Australian network and the Victorian and eastern seaboard networks, so this upgrade will allow more investment and more clean energy generation to come through from South Australia to the eastern seaboard."