Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Look to the sun

Daily Telegraph
Tuesday 15/3/2011, Page: 22

While the tragedy in Japan has shocked us and our hearts go out to people of that country, you have to wonder at the ineptitude of our own leaders. Following the earthquake and tsunami Japan is now facing the terror of the meltdown of nuclear reactors. We saw what happened in Chernobyl and pray the same thing doesn't happen in Japan.

In the meantime while all this is happening around us our leaders are still saying that nuclear power is the way of the future for Australia. If they put as much of their own energy into the renewable energy debate, they would see that this country has two of the three main renewable resources in abundance: wind and sun.

Wouldn't we Australians be better off putting more money and energy into the research and development of equipment which would better utilise these infinite resources rather than continuing along the nuclear path? Australia is overdue for a tsunami or earthquake to happen and if it does, I don't want a nuclear power station anywhere on the continent.

I wonder if the politicians have ever bothered to look at a map showing our fault lines or extinct volcanoes. Try looking them up on Google, the results might surprise you. And what is the third replaceable or renewable thing that we have in abundance you ask? Politicians; they can be replaced at any time and the only thing that they contribute is more hot air.

Les Boucher Sanctuary Point