Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Indonesia’s wind energy plans
13 March 2011

Indonesia is all set to develop wind power as the large-scale wind farm being built in Sukabumi. The large-scale wind turbines plant in the country will be exactly set up at Sukabumi in West Java end of this year featuring a capacity of about 30 MW. Muhammad Sofyan, the PLN renewable energy division head said the project has received approval from Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry and Viron Energy has been expecting official permit from the ministry.

Luluk Sumiarso, the director general of ministry for the latest and renewable energy and the energy conservation said most of the foreign and local investors have been attracted to develop renewable energy in the country and he expects the construction of first large-scale wind-generated power plant in the country at Sukabumi will encourage additional investment. As per the Global Wind Energy Council, the country expects to set up 255 MW of wind turbines capacity by the year 2025.

Muhammad Sofyan said during the next month they will also make a contract with developer. Luluk Sumiarso said this year will be very important to develop renewable energy resource in Indonesia. Apart from the wind project, next month the government is expected to provide 3 letters ordering PLN for purchasing power from the geothermal producers. They are very much exited with PLN's dedication to develop the usage of other renewable energy, he added.

Indonesia is just next to China, India and US compared to the population with about 243 million people and south-east Asian tropical republic features about 17,500 islands. During 2009 CIA's World Factbook showed that Indonesia imports about 456,700 barrels of oil per day. According to a report about 65% people in Indonesia can access the electricity at present and in few places of the eastern Indonesia it is almost low to about 20%.