Thursday, 14 January 2010

Renewable energy 'critical for boosting power supply'

Investing in renewable energy on a large scale will help to boost the jobs market, as well as ensuring increasing demand for power is met, one sector commentator has claimed. A recent announcement from the Crown Estate revealed several UK firms have been awarded contracts for developing offshore wind farms. Commenting on the news, Angela Gallacher, spokesperson from The Renewable Energy Centre, said wind and wave power will be vital in meeting ongoing increases in demand for energy.

She added: "It is critical that new and renewable technologies are implemented and up and running simultaneously in order to reduce dependency on fossil fuels." Britons can reduce their own use of finite resources by boosting their central heating systems through the use of solar panels to meet their hot water needs. A further benefit of this investment in household renewable energy was announced in the pre-Budget report, when the chancellor of the exchequer asserted Britons who direct any excess power they generate will receive an annual tax-free sum of £900.


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