Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Smart State's time to shine

Sunday Mail Brisbane
Sunday 15/11/2009 Page: 27

QUEENSLAND researchers have gained a $3.14 million grant from the US Department of Energy for their trailblazing solar energy technology. University of Queensland School of Mathematics and Physics Associate Professor Paul Meredith and his team of five have been developing new coatings to make solar panels on house roofs more efficient. "It is a coup for us to be operating in this market," he said. Prof Meredith's project, called XeroCoat, initially received funding from the State Government.

Climate Change Minister Kate Jones said the grant demonstrated Queensland's world leading role in green technology. "It shows that Queensland does not have to look overseas for technologies that address climate change," she said. "We have visionary people starting companies right here that are committed to developing innovative products that reduce energy and greenhouse gas emissions. The US project will enhance the viability of thin film solar panels, increasing their efficiency and helping make solar energy a viable alternative to burning fossil fuels." Ms Jones said testing by XeroCoat indicated that more efficient solar panels could mean an extra hour of energy creation.