Tuesday, 17 November 2009

$3.1m US funds for solar coat

Daily Telegraph
Monday 16/11/2009 Page: 18

AN AUSTRALIAN solar technology company has won a multi-million dollar grant from the US Government. XeroCoat, which makes an anti-reflective coating to increase the efficiency of solar panels, has been awarded a $3.1 million US Department of Energy grant. The company, started by two University of Queensland researchers, was now a world leader in its field, Queensland Environment Minister Kate Jones said. "It shows that Queensland does not have to look overseas for technologies that address climate change," she said. "We have visionary people starting companies right here that are committed to developing innovative products that reduce energy and greenhouse gas emissions." The US project will focus on increasing the efficiency of thin film solar panels to give them an extra hour of energy creation, helping to make solar energy a viable alternative to fossil fuels.