Saturday, 10 August 2013

Work starts on Gullen Range windfarm
21 Jun 2013

Construction has begun on a wind farm in the region's south. More than 80 turbines will be built as part of Goldwin's Gullen Range project, which was approved in 2009. The Upper Lachlan Council has now negotiated contracts with the company for the upgrading and reconstruction of several roads and a bridge in the region.

The Mayor John Shaw, says a lot of the roadworks have already started. "The wind farm itself is up and going already, they've done a lot of the preparation work", he said. "VICOSC think all of the pads are down for the wind towers and they're actually starting to deliver them. "It was just a matter of getting agreement on the roads and how they're going to be used and times and those sorts of things, just a traffic management plan".

Councillor Shaw says a lot of the roadwork is almost complete. "There has been some changes, there's been some upgrades to some of the roads", he said. "There was some work done in Crookwell itself, because the turbines themselves go from Goulburn on the main road through to Crookwell and to get them from going through the town of Crookwell, they had to do some road works to upgrade it".