Thursday, 6 June 2013

Wind turbine manufacturer Nordex will provide four Turkish projects with 50 turbines
22 Apr 2013

wind turbine manufacturer Nordex is able to defend a leading position in the Turkish market. Now it has signed delivery and service contracts with two long-standing customers for four projects entailing a total of 50 turbines with a combined total capacity of 125 MWs. A total of 38 N100/2500 turbines are to be connected to the grid for Eksim Holding by autumn 2013. 20 turbines will be built at the Hasanbeyli wind farm in Eastern Turkey close to the city of Osmaniye.

Located in the foothills of the Taurus mountains in the South East of Turkey at an altitude of around 1,400 metres, they will produce an annual energy yield of around 180 GW/hours. Nordex is also installing a further wind farm for Eksim close to Silivri near Istanbul. Driven by average wind speeds of 7.8 m/s, the 18 2.5 MW turbines will generate 150 GW/hours of electricity a year. Nordex is also supplying Dost Enerji, with which Nordex originally launched its business activities in Turkey, with twelve N90/2500 turbines.

One of these will be added to the Yuntdag wind farm, which has since been enlarged to 23 Nordex turbines. Located to the north of Izmir, this wind farm marked Nordex's first foray into the Turkish market back in 2007. Thanks to the superb wind conditions at this site, the energy yield from this single turbine is expected to come to nine GW/hours a year, equivalent to a capacity factor of 48%.

Nordex is assembling the other eleven turbines at the Geres wind farm in the direct vicinity of Yuntdag. This wind farm is to produce 100 GW/hours of clean energy a year. Dost Enerji is one of the pioneers in the commercial utilisation of wind power in Turkey. Says Lars Bondo Krogsgaard, a member of Nordex's Management Board: "We are delighted that our long-standing customers Dost Enerji and Eksim Holding have again opted for Nordex turbines.

This underscores the favourable experience which they have gained with our technology and skills. As well as this, it testifies to two superb partnerships precisely in the Turkish wind power market, which is characterised by strong growth potential and excellent wind conditions". The OECD predicts for Turkey an average growth of GDP of 5.2%.

Says Dr. Ruchan Hamamci, Coordinator of Renewable Energies at Eksim Holding: "We are currently operating wind farms with a capacity of 140 MW and will be adding a further 95 MW to this with our Hasanbeyli and Silivri wind farms. Our goal is to become the leading supplier of CO₂ free electricity from wind in Turkey. Nordex has supplied us with reliable and efficient wind power systems allowing us to come closer to reaching our goal from day to day". Source; Nordex