Monday, 11 February 2013

Spain’s monthly wind power tops 6 terawatt-hours for first time
30 Jan 2013

Spain's monthly wind-power output exceeded 6 TWs for the first time this month, enough to light most households, the nation's wind lobby group said. The milestone was passed yesterday from 3 p.m, to 4 p.m, local time, the Spanish Wind Energy Association said today in an e-mailed statement, citing data from Red Electrica de Espana, the grid operator.

"Since Nov. 1, wind has been the top technology in the electrical system", the lobby group said in a blog posting. "The last time any technology exceeded 6 TWs of monthly generation was in 2010, when it was combined-cycle gas turbines".

Iberdrola SA (IBE), ACCIONA Energy SA (ANA) and other wind operators have built plants in Spain as the government seeks to meet energy demand without adding to emissions. The country is ranked fourth in the world in terms of installed wind power, after the US, Germany and China, according to the industry association.

Wind generation this month totaled 6.214 TWs as of 9:49 a.m, local time today, representing more than a quarter of Spain's total power output, according to Red Electrica's website. That puts it ahead of nuclear and coal-fired electricity, the figures show.

Wind has accounted for more power than any other energy source in the three months ending tomorrow, a first for any quarter, the wind association said.