Friday, 2 November 2012

NRG Energy, SunPower Energize First 22 Megawatts of 250-Megawatt California Valley Solar Ranch; Huge solar project creates hundreds of jobs and starts generating clean, renewable electricity
25 Oct 2012

NRG Energy, Inc, and SunPower Corp, will celebrate today the first 22 MWs (MW) of the 250 MW California Valley Solar Ranch (CVSR) being delivered to the electrical grid. NRG Energy and SunPower announced the first 22 MWs online at California Valley Solar Ranch in San Luis Obispo County, 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles. (Photo: Business Wire)

CVSR is one of the largest central station photovoltaic solar plants in the world. It has created approximately 350 jobs since construction started in September 2011, and is expected to inject $315 million into the local economy over its two-year construction period. NRG Energy completed the acquisition of CVSR on September 30, 2011.

Once completed, CVSR will power a yearly average of 100,000 homes with clean, renewable solar power, while protecting and conserving more than 12,000 acres of land in and around the Carrizo Plain in southeastern San Luis Obispo County, about 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Electricity from CVSR is being sold to PGE through 25 year power purchase agreements.

"The private sector's role is to demonstrate successful performance that speeds commercialization of technology-on time and on budget-and that's what we're doing at CVSR and all of NRG Energy's major solar projects", said Tom Doyle, president of NRG Energy Solar and NRG Energy's West Region. "Equally important, through large scale deployment, the private sector is accelerating cost reductions through supply chain improvements, lower balance of system costs and progress through experience that can't be achieved at the lab bench or in the factory".

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