Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Cordillera power blowing in the wind

11 Nov 2012

(Philippines)--A wind power plant in Mountain Province will add 15 MWs of electricity in Cordillera highlands over the next three to five years, making the region a major source of green energy. PhilCarbon Inc, chairman Rufino Bomasang says his company is committed to help generate electricity without harming the environment and the host communities. "We plan to build 25 wind turbines along the Pilao-Langsayan ridge", he tells Manila Standard, referring to the location across Sagada and Besao towns. "Each turbine is designed to generate 600 kWs".

Bomasang notes the increased economic activities in the highlands due to the influx of locators and visitors and as the transient population continue to ratchet up energy demand more than the present supply level can meet. PhilCarbon president Ruth Yu-Owen says the host community will be entitled to a royalty of one centavo per kW generated with the aggregate amount to be divided among the barangay, with 25% share; town, 40%; and province, 35%.

"Our company will be paying its business permit and real property taxes to the municipal governments", she says. "We hope that with our operations, Sagada and Besao will be elevated from fifth class to fourth class towns". PhilCarbon says the project is covered by service contract 2011 12 048. The company, accredited by the Energy Department, undertakes concept, feasibility and finance packaging in renewable sources for power generation related to the trading of carbon credits under the Kyoto Protocol.

The country's first wind power plant of 20 turbines generating 33 MW was completed in August 2008 in Bangui, Ilocos Norte, facing the West Philippine Sea with a loan assistance from the Danish International Development Agency. A second wind farm is rising along the Verde Strait in Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental, designed for 48 MW with turbines supplied by Eolica S.L. Unipersonal of Italy.