Wednesday, 28 November 2012

CEC Media Release: Cleaner, smarter energy system a step closer with Energy White Paper

Clean Energy Council
8 Nov 2012

A cleaner, smarter energy system is a step closer following the release of the Federal Government's Energy White Paper today, according to the Clean Energy Council. Clean Energy Council Chief Executive David Green welcomed the paper's recognition of the central role for renewables and energy efficiency in our energy system out to 2050.

"These new industries provide a rich economic opportunity for Australia, helping manufacturers, households and businesses make more efficient use of the energy we all need to use, while creating jobs and investment for regional areas of the country through clean energy projects", he said. Mr Green said the final white paper also had a welcome focus on providing a better deal for consumers by recommending measures such as smart meters and time-of-use pricing.

"This will ultimately benefit vulnerable households and businesses who are suffering from the spiralling costs of energy, provided it is introduced carefully to ensure it does not inadvertently penalise these groups", he said. "Liberalised energy markets would also increase competition and give consumers more power to make smart choices based on better information about their electricity use".

Mr Green said the Energy White Paper rightly highlighted the need for long-term policy stability if major investments are to be made in cleaner energy. "Stability is required to attract major investment under policies such as Australia's 20% Renewable Energy Target. This policy is currently being reviewed by the Climate Change Authority and, if it is to realise its investment potential, it is paramount that it remains largely unchanged", he said.

"We look forward to working with all sections of the electricity industry and governments of all levels to make many of the important reforms outlined in the Energy White Paper a reality".