Thursday, 25 October 2012

Siemens starts testing of 6 MW wind turbine featuring 75 m blades
12 Oct 2012

Siemens Energy has begun field testing of its new 154 m rotor for its 6 MW offshore wind turbine in Osterild, Denmark. The SWT-6.0 154 turbine is equipped with the world's longest rotor blades-each blade is 75 m in length.

The B75 blade used in the new rotor is characterised by high stability and low weight. Special aerodynamic profiles deliver optimum performance at a wide range of wind speeds. For the manufacturing of the B75 blade, Siemens uses the patented IntegralBlade(R) process, which permits rotor blades to be produced from a single moulding without adhesive joints. An IntegralBlade is up to 20% lighter than blades manufactured with traditional methods, Siemens says.

Each SWT 6.0 154 turbine can produce 25 million kWs of electricity in offshore locations, enough to supply 6000 households. In May 2011, Siemens installed the first prototype of its new 6 MW turbine using a 120 m rotor. It has now been operating successfully for well over a year. The serial version of the 6 MW turbine will use the 154 m rotor. Siemens developed the SWT-6.0 specifically for demanding conditions in offshore locations.

In July 2012, Siemens entered into a Master Agreement with the Danish energy group DONG Energy for the delivery of 300 offshore turbines of this 6 MW turbine. The wind turbines are expected to be used in projects off the coast of the UK.

Siemens will soon install two more SWT-6.0 prototypes in the British offshore wind power plant, Gunfleet Sands. This will be the first time that the Siemens 6 MW wind turbine will be tested offshore. Both machines for this project will be equipped with the 120 m rotor.