Tuesday, 25 September 2012

UK wind power output sets new record above 4GW

14 Sep 2012

(Reuters)-The volume of electricity produced by Britain's wind farms reached a new record on Friday, breaching the 4 GW mark for the first time as new wind farms open and benefit from stormy weather especially in Scotland. Britain's more than 4,000 wind turbines produced 4.13 GW on Friday morning, the national grid operator said, accounting for nearly 11% of the country's electricity at the time and breaching the previous record by 0.3 GW.

"As part of government targets for emissions reductions and sourcing more energy from renewable sources, it's expected that each autumn, a new record for wind power output will be set", said a National Grid spokesman, adding that thanks to precise wind forecasting systems, network managers could prepare for the boost in renewable energy output.

Britain plans to generate 15% of its annual energy consumption from renewable energy sources by 2020, up from 9% last year. More than 7 GW of onshore and offshore wind farms are currently installed in Britain, still a way off the government's target of 31 GW by 2020.