Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Vestas grabs wind turbines order for Putian Hanjiang Baihe wind park

12 Jun 2012

Vestas Wind Systems has received another order consisting of 24 units of the V90 2.0 MW turbine from China's largest developer, Long¥. This order from Long¥ follows a previous order for the Qiulu wind park earlier this year, and is solid proof of confidence in Vestas Wind Systems' V90 2.0 MW turbine's performance in the coastal areas with complex wind conditions. The turbines will be installed in the Hanjiang Baihe wind park in Putian County, Fujian Province.

The Baihe wind park is located in the south Asian tropical maritime climatic area, 12 km from the coast with an annual average wind speed of only 7 m/s at 80 metres height, but with occasional strong winds. Vestas Wind Systems' V90 2.0 MW turbines are not only able to deliver a high output under low wind conditions, but are able to withstand the strong winds and are therefore the preferred choice for the customer. Vestas Wind Systems has repeatedly verified the business case which was eventually presented to the customer by conducting thorough wind resource analyses several times in order to substantiate the performance and reliability of the V90 2.0 MW turbine.

Vestas Wind Systems China President Jens Tommerup says, "Vestas Wind Systems started to develop projects together with Long¥ in 2004 and we have since then further developed our offerings. Given our strong track record with the V80 2.0 MW turbines, we are pleased to have won the second Long¥ project using our V90 turbines, which are specifically equipped with a yaw backup system that enhances the protection of the turbines during typhoons. Upon completion of this project, our installed base with Long¥, China's most experienced developer, will have reached almost 330 MW in Fujian province".

The order includes supply of wind turbines, installation supervision and commissioning, a Vestas Wind Systems Online(R) SCADA system and a 3 year service and maintenance agreement.

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