Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Shameful hypocrisy

28 Oct 2011, Page: 16

THE mine at Anglesea is already spewing carcinogenic dust over surrounding houses and farms and is within 1.5 km of the primary school. It is a shameful irony that Victoria's new wind farm restrictions prevent even community initiated wind farms being built, yet we have virtually no protection from the expansion of coal and gas mining. This is a classic example of the 1% who own the fossil fuel industry riding roughshod over the 99% who want a healthy environment and safe future for our kids.

Jane Morton, Northcote

Back to a dirty future
THE Baillieu government's Anglesea mine lease renewal shows it is stuck in 1961, when premier Henry Bolte used state debt to build state infrastructure and effectively won overseas investment for Victoria. But Baillieu's government knows that the science tells us to stop burning coal just ask the CSIRO. The shame is that the government doesn't have the courage to use state debt to build infrastructure. With wind farms and solar thermal baseload power, Victoria could have thousands of jobs and a clean energy future. Bolte didn't know how damaging coal is, Baillieu does. Whose future is Baillieu working for?

Ian Mack, North Fitzroy