Monday, 24 October 2011

Interest-free appliances

Sydney Morning Herald
17 Oct 2011 Page: 2

PEOPLE on low incomes will be able to buy energy-efficient appliances such as washing machines and fridges with interest-free loans under a $30 million program to cut the carbon footprint of households. More than 50,000 homes will have access to the scheme, which will also send experts to people's homes to assess how they can make their daily lives more energy efficient, the Housing Minister, Jenny Macklin, said yesterday.

Ms Mackin said the Home Energy Saver Scheme will begin next year with loans of "between $900 and $1000" for households to buy new appliances. The opposition climate change spokesman, Greg Hunt, said the Coalition would look at the scheme with an open mind". "But their last energy efficiency program was the pink batts program", he said. The government's home insulation scheme was shut down amid safety fears and evidence of fraud.