Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Defence of solar power industry

Courier Mail
1 Oct 2011, Page: 66

THE front page story (C-M, Sept 28) on "poor quality" solar power inverters left out several important details. Although thousands of solar power systems have been installed this year in Queensland, the number of customer complaints remains remarkably low. The Office of Fair Trading has received only 37 complaints about inverters during 2011 and the Clean Energy Council only 17 in the past 18 months.

To qualify for the Federal Government's solar rebates, all installers must be accredited with the Clean Energy Council and use parts that meet Australian Standards. Although a small percentage of faults are inevitable with any electrical product, Queensland's solar power industry has an excellent quality and safety record. There are now thousands of Queenslanders who are reducing their power bills and helping to cut carbon pollution at the same time. Of course, customers are always encouraged to do their research before making a major purchase.

Mark Bretherton, Clean Energy Council