Monday, 17 October 2011

The big issue solar power - Golden opportunity going begging

Sunday Age
9 Oct 2011, Page: 14

READING the article on alternative energy by Michael Bachelard and Deborah Gough ("Sun shines on all sources", 2/10) my thoughts drifted towards the mining tax debate! Huge multinational companies are making a fortune off the back of mining and yet there is seemingly not enough money to invest in alternative energy.

Here's a simple suggestion: how about we increase the tax on mining companies, who continue to make massive profits digging up our precious and finite natural resources, and put this money towards investing in clean energy for the future of all Australians! Clearly we got "suckered" by the spin the first time we had the mining debate, but it's not too late to put it right. Once the resources are gone we will have lost this opportunity.

Michael Cormick, Carnegie