Friday, 23 September 2011

Life change to follow the sun

Adelaide Advertiser
20 Sep 2011, Page: 96

RICHARD Mintz has made a major career U-turn, moving from wine to solar. As managing director of Love Energy, Mr Mintz said he was able to work closer to home. As co-founder of Two Hands Wines, he was often away for three months of the year in the US. Renewable energy was the solution. "I think it's a very worthy industry and it's the way of the future", he said. "The price of solar has halved in the past few years. "People who are worried about missing out (because of government rebate cuts) shouldn't be because solar is not going anywhere".

Love Energy was now operating in South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland, and is moving into commercial solar. "We have just signed an exclusive agreement with Kyocera, which is one of the oldest and most well-known solar companies in the world", Mr Mintz said. "They have been in solar for 36 years and they have selected Love Energy to be their solar partner in Australia. That brings an enormous amount of credibility to our brand".

Mr Mintz said Love Energy considered solar power to have moved beyond the climate change argument. "The early adopters were the tree-hugging greenies", he said. "We have developed some modelling that will show people what the return on their investment will be".