Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Energy options ignored

West Australian
27 May 2011 Page: 22

The directions paper released recently by the Department of Energy introduces itself as detailing a smarter energy future for West Australians. Lip service is made about cleaner energy, with use of renewable energy sources. However, renewable energy options are repeatedly dismissed with a bias to maintain the continued burning of fossil fuels.

There is also no mention of the looming onset of peak oil.Gas, which is presented as a major player, is also a significant greenhouse gas contributor and in the short term may be of value only if it gets rid of the polluting use of coal in power stations.

Even more alarming is the invitation of coal seam gas frackers to infiltrate WA as part of the plan. Dangers to our health and environment are becoming all apparent from this vile form of mining in other parts of the world and greenhouse pollution resulting is probably the same as with coal because of fugitive methane emissions. Finally, carbon capture and storage is included as a solution but this technology is unproved, costly and would divert resources from development of renewables.

The recommendation of this paper will lock WA into many more years of fossil fuel pollution. Instead, what is needed is a healthy, secure and sustainable energy future and significant reduction of this State's carbon emissions by 2030.

Greg Glazov, Gnangara.