Wednesday, 11 May 2011

First fuel-cell scooter to hit road for tests
24 Apr, 2011

Suzuki has become the world's first motorcycle maker to earn Whole Vehicle Type Approval 1 compliance for a fuel-cell-powered vehicle in the European Union with a squadron of its Burgman scooters set to hit the road for testing.
Initially only one fuel-cell scooter was given permission to test in Britain with approval from the British government's Technology Strategy Board 2 with single vehicle approval for each scooter used in the trials. The new Europe-wide approval means the single vehicle approval is no longer necessary.

Suzuki's Burgman fuel-cell scooter made its debut at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show and since February last year Suzuki and British company Intelligent Energy, developer of the bike's fuel-cell system, have been involved with on-road trials. The scooter employs an air-cooled fuel-cell and hydrogen tank inside its frame to produce electricity which in turn powers a drive motor and the only exhaust emission is water. Suzuki says it wants to have fuel-cell scooters ready to go when hydrogen filling stations come on line across Europe.