Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Panels glut clouds solar prospects

Summaries - Australian Financial Review
13 April 2011, Page: 10

The rush for households to have solar panels installed prior to a scaling back of government subsidies from July 1 has led to fears of a shakeout in the industry. Acil Tasman has provided modelling for the Office of Renewable Energy which suggests that 35 million Renewable Energy Certificates for solar panel installation will have been created by December.

While the opposition has raised comparisons with the failed home insulation scheme, the solar industry is concerned that installers will be left holding worthless certificates. They fear that the government has over regulated the industry, fearing a repeat of the botched insulation program. Warwick Johnston of Sunwiz consultancy warned of oversupply of certificates and Solar Shop retail general manager Daniel Edgecombe said it was important for consumers to have their site correctly assessed.