Tuesday, 5 April 2011

80% of Thai people oppose nuclear power plants

27 March 2011

Abac Poll director Noppadon Kannika said the poll about people's views on nuclear plants was conducted on 3,807 peopled aged 18 to 60 in Bangkok and 16 other provinces from March 1 25. The poll found 83% of respondents disagreed with the plan to build nuclear plants in Thailand and only 16.6% backed the move. When asked about construction of a nuclear plant in their respective provinces, 89.5% of respondents objected it while only 10.5 agreed. Bangkok had the largest number of nay sayers to the plan at 95% followed by those living in Southern Thailand at 91.5%, those living in Central region at 91%, those living in the North at 90% and those living in the Northeast at 85.8%.