Friday, 11 March 2011

Solar power works - now to use it

Summaries - Australian Financial Review
28 February 2011, Page: 30

Rising electricity prices, a reduction in the cost of solar panels and a pending price on carbon has raised expectations that solar power will soon fulfil the potential it has long been associated with. A further sign that the industry is being viewed more seriously by government came with the observation from Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson that "The global use of renewable energy is predicted to triple by 2035."

Australia is well placed to take advantage of the growth due to the Australian Solar Institute, part of the federal government's clean energy initiative. Chief executive of the Australian Solar Institute, Mark Twidell, says 'The technology we have today works' adding that the role of the institute 'is working with industry to develop technology to the point of commercialisation.' The institute is involved in various projects throughout the country being undertaken by the University of New South Wales, CSIRO and the Australian National University.