Thursday, 17 March 2011

Money the antidote

Friday 11/3/2011, Page: 13

THE most extraordinary missing detail among allegations that wind farms make people ill, is that money is the antidote to all symptoms said to arise from exposure ("wind turbines bad for health, says US doctor", 10/3). Landowners with suitable topography are paid from $7000-$10,000 per turbine per year by energy companies. Miraculously, the arrival of this money in one's bank account has a complete preventive effect on symptoms, with only those who miss out on the money being still affected.

Anti turbine advocates argue that those with turbines on their land are gagged by contract hush clauses. But common law rights to seeking redress for having one's health harmed are not extinguished by such contracts. The self published wind turbine alarmist Dr Nina Pierpont may like to prescribe turbines to her patients as a way of alleviating their complaints.

Professor Simon Chapman, School of Public Health, University of Sydney