Saturday, 22 January 2011

Wind farm, heart attack link (beat-up)

Herald Sun
17 January 2011, Page: 21

PEOPLE who live close to wind farms at Cape Bridgewater and Cape Nelson may need to begin monitoring their blood pressure, according to South Australian doctor Sarah Laurie. Dr Laurie said there was a link between early morning high blood pressure, heart attacks and the turbines at wind farms.

She said anyone who lived within 5km of a wind farm should consider buying their own blood pressure monitoring equipment and see a doctor if they had a reading above 140/80. General manager of local wind farm operator Pacific Hydro, Lane Crockett, said facts gathered suggested wind farms were safe and there was no need for alarm.

More scare tactics from Dr Sarah Lourie who seems to confuse causation with correlation. Let's see if the good doctor has any real evidence to support her claim or if she is just pandering to the anti-windfarm paranoia of a noisy minority?