Saturday, 23 January 2010

Where the wind blows

Independent Weekly
Friday 15/1/2010 Page: 8

It is interesting, and ironic, that much of the wind energy we currently have in SA owes its existence to the coal-fired power station at Port Augusta. Australian governments like to talk about all they are doing to reduce Australia's reliance on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions yet they have never built a major power transmission line to allow development of a sustainable energy resource, whether it be wind, solar or geothermal.

They have built major lines for mining (Olympic Dam) and for coal-fired power stations (Port Augusta). If the high-capacity Port Augusta to Adelaide power lines did not pass through the mid-north, with its high quality wind resources, we would not have the Hallett, Clements Gap, Snowtown, and (under construction) Waterloo Windfarms. No further windfarm development can take place on Eyre or Yorke Peninsulas, where there is a very high-quality wind resource, because of the lack of suitable power transmission lines.

David Clarke, Clare