Friday, 8 January 2010

Around the world in zero emissions

Adelaide Advertiser
Thursday 31/12/2009 Page: 17

Adelaide's green car with the great Aussie name, Trev, is getting ready to race around the world in 80 days. The Two-seater Renewable Energy Vehicle, built by staff and students at UniSA, is the only Australian car in the first Zero Emissions Race around the world. Team Trev technical manager Peter Pudney is busy preparing the car for the 30,000km journey across 20 countries in 80 days.

"Trev was designed for the city - short trips on good roads, carrying one or sometimes two people," he said. "Driving around the world will be a challenge. Zero Race will compress three years of commuting into 80 days. "Each day, Trev will have to travel up 250km without stopping before lunch, and after lunch another 200 to 250km."

In the 2007 World Solar Challenge, Trev travelled 500km a day, but had to stop to recharge every 80 to 120km. To travel 250km without stopping, the electric car needs a bigger battery. Other essential upgrades include fitting a new motor controller, improving brakes and suspension, and registering Trev for on-road use. Every car in the race must run on alternative energy such as solar, wind, wave or geothermal power. The race starts in Shanghai on July 1.