Wednesday, 28 October 2009

New Wave ‘Kite’ Could Revolutionise Wave Energy
October 26th, 2009

Wave energy, although touted as the most likely alternative for putting an end to fossil fuel dependence, has also proven to be difficult to harness effectively and efficiently. Minesto, however, a spin-off venture from a joint effort by the Swedish military and Saab, an aircraft developer, has developed a new scenario for harnessing wave energy. The design, a seven tonne turbine kite design, works similar to a kite flown in the wind. The Deep Green below sea turbine harness the wave energy and effectively stores it all in one system.

At first, Minesto designed the new device to be used as a wind turbine, but quickly realised that it would quite effectively harness wave power. Now, should the product be implemented and developed properly, the Deep Green wave kite will be capable of providing power to 4 million British residences. The kite swings in a rotating pattern beneath the ocean surface gradually increasing the flow speed to the turbine. When the wing is hit by the tide the lift motion creates energy. The kite is fastened to the seabed with a tether and a rudder controls the swinging movements. Minesto says that for every MW the kite outputs, there has to be 14 tonnes of equipment. The product would be able to work effectively right off the coast of Britain, and then energy could be sold back to the national grid for a profit.