Monday, 6 November 2006

Plugging into sun

News Mail
Friday 3/11/2006, Page: 6

MAX Hovarth knows the region may be lacking in rain, but there are plenty of sunny days to keep pollution away. The Bundy Solar owner said the current surge of interest in solar panels was good for business and the environment, but the technology is still expensive.

"To run the average household without any air-conditioning or an electrical hot water system or stove it takes eight solar panels," he said. "If you have big equipment you would probably need a generator as well." Despite the cost, Mr Hovarth said some residents had fully kitted out their homes. "There are a lot of bush blocks where there is no power available, so people are turning to solar power instead:' he said.

Mr Hovarth said next year's rebate scheme should lift interest in the sun power scheme. While Mr Hovarth is happy to see people turning to solar panels, he believes both the government and the community should be looking at other "green power" sources.

"The solar panels are not the only option - there is wind power, which would work well here, and tidal influences system," he said. "We need to get serious about climate change. "It's not a matter of if it is going to happen, it already is"