Tuesday 21 February 2006


Welcome. This webblog exists because a group of concerned South Gippsland residents have formed a local "Friends of Future Generations" alliance to put an alternative, positive view of clean, renewable energy, especially wind energy.

Friends of Future Generations has a casual association with like minded groups of concerned and supportive citizens from all States and Territories drawn from:
  1. Areas with currently operating Wind Farms,
  2. Areas proposed for Wind Farm development awaiting Government approval,
  3. Potential Wind Farms at the planning stage,
  4. People from many areas who support sustainable and renewable energy development, and are supportive of wind energy in particular because of its proven technology and ready availability.
Our group has formed due to the members increasing concern about climate change that could affect all areas, and because we are concerned that anti-wind energy campaigners have created a false impression in this community and others, that wind energy developers are not welcome in this area. We believes the effects of climate change on communities can no longer be ignored.

We have to look at all sustainable energy alternatives by supporting technologies in areas where resources are available for the appropriate technology. South Gippsland has an excellent wind resource, so it makes sense that we have some wind farms developed here. We urge all South Gippsland residents to start thinking beyond their own backyards and beyond their own lifetimes.

We are asking for your support so we can represent your positive voices on wind energy and other practical forms of renewable energy, to politicians and local councillors. We hope they will consider all aspects of renewable technologies rather than take the short-sighted and selfish view of 'Not In My Backyard' in the mistaken belief they are representing a majority voice.

We are not asking you to make public protests, join street demonstrations, hold up slogans or put signs on your property. You can retain your anonymity if you wish. Secondary College students are particularly encouraged to add their support for wind farms as well as other forms of renewable energy, as it is their world we are damaging.

We have no affiliations with Wind Energy Companies or Associations with the wider Renewable Energy Industry.

Your positive response will reinforce Gippsland Friends of Future Generations belief that there is a large section of our community ready and willing to give us support but have not had any opportunity previously.

If Community members wish to participate in this group’s activities, or simply support the group’s objectives, please contact any of the following people for information.

Geoff Esler - Ph: 5682 2583
Ray Esler - Ph: 0418 556 924
Blair Donaldson - blair57@gmail.com
Janice Pouw - bagowind@dcsi.net.au